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Gum Disease: The Primary Facts Every Man And Woman Should Recognize

Gum Disease

Looking after your smile takes more effort than simply making sure your teeth are shiny and even. Your gums take on a significant role in your oral wellness, in addition to your general wellness. Since many local residents may think their gums are in good condition, they are generally alarmed if they are reported otherwise. Gum disease, additionally referred to as periodontal disease, is a serious disorder that deteriorates the gums around the teeth, and its side-effects often occur without discomfort. Multiple field observations have discovered an association that pairs gum disease and different health issues, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, strokes, and specific cancers, including tooth loss.

Despite this, there is welcome news: Gum disease can be avoided with routine oral care. The most important method to battle periodontal disease is to seek out dental care from capable dental professionals, like the dentists at Park Lakes Dental Care. Our practitioners have extensive know-how and expertise in the area of periodontal dentistry to discover a number of conditions and treat gum disease.


Often called periodontal disease, periodontal disease is, in simplest terms, an infection in the gumline. Your gumline is the oral tissue that works to lock your teeth in their correct positions. Bad dental care will often cause a colorless substance known as plaque to collect and harden along the gum tissue. Although toothbrushing and flossing could eliminate a portion of the buildup, plaque that's not eradicated will develop into tartar and harden onto your teeth. Only a bi-annual cleaning provided by a dentist or dental assistant can properly remove tartar.

While accumulating on the enamel, tartar and bacteria work in tandem to bring about the initial stage of periodontal disease known as gingivitis. Gingivitis develops when plaque collects on the enamel and leads the nearby gums to become inflamed. Plaque creates toxins that cause damage to the gums, which makes them red and puffy and, generally, causing bleeding.

If gum disease advances with no care, more serious stages of gum disease could result in sensitive and bleeding gum tissue, issues with chewing, and even tooth loss. That’s why it's important to diagnose and treat gum disease before infection travels all through your oral structures.


Strong gums should be firm, pink, and fit tightly around your teeth. The beginning indicators of periodontal disease are generally difficult to identify by the average person. It is crucial to arrange routine visits with the dental professionals at Park Lakes Dental Care. They can detect the tell-tale warning signs of gum disease during regular teeth cleanings and dental examinations. Symptoms of inflamed gums include swelling, bright red tissue, tenderness, bleeding, pulling away from the tooth, extra spaces between your teeth, halitosis, loose teeth, issues with biting, and differences with your alignment.


As people reach the more intense levels of gum disease, they might require surgical solutions. Our dental practitioners in Humble, TX offer a variety of advanced gum procedures, like gum tissue transplanting, gingival flap surgery, and more.

Gum disease regularly causes the gumline to regress, which will reveal a portion of the roots of the teeth. To restore your gum tissue, our dental professionals may provide a gum graft treatment. Typically, self-donated connective tissue is used to carry out this surgery. The grafted sample is borrowed from the palate and reinstated into your gums, which minimizes the tooth root exposure.

Periodontal surgery will often help individuals in Humble, TX with late-stage periodontitis. Based on the stage of your periodontal disease, there are three methods we may use: gingival flap surgery, gingivectomy, and gingivoplasty. Gingival flap surgery shifts the gums away from the teeth to reveal the roots and enable our dental practitioner to measure your situation. When this is complete, we will carry out a deep cleaning to eradicate plaque and excess unsalvageable tissue. The dislocated gum tissue is then readjusted and stitched in the right location. Meanwhile, a gingivectomy removes and alters a section of the significantly diseased tissue. This treatment is mostly done for people whose condition is further along. Lastly, a gingivoplasty is thought of as an aesthetic dental surgery that enhances and reshapes your gum tissue once your periodontal disease has been treated, returning their proper state and looking more natural.


The most ideal way to evade gum disease is to learn a good, consistent oral care routine. Obeying this general checklist can help guarantee that your beautiful smile lasts many years:

Flossing is crucial for excellent oral wellness.
Flossing your teeth at least one time every day might help eliminate plaque that could be stuck in between your teeth. Brushing your teeth is a necessary part of an individual's oral wellness routine. However, it still might not reach every area.

Individuals need to brush their teeth at least two times daily.
Men and women who clean their teeth after breakfast, lunch, and dinner help to eradicate plaque and food particles wedged in between their gums and teeth. It's equally important to not disregard your tongue. Utilize your soft-bristled brush to scrub your tongue, as this can get rid of leftover bacteria.

Make use of toothpaste and mouth rinses that have fluoride.
People find it challenging to know which dental hygiene products are the most beneficial. As you're shopping, select a fluoride toothpaste and mouth rinse. When used together, the two oral products may extend the rate at which bacteria and tartar to layer on the teeth.

Ensure that you see your dentist two times a year.
Schedule one-on-ones with your dental practitioner twice a year for a dental health evaluation and cleaning. Oral evaluations allow the team at Park Lakes Dental Care to diagnose issues like gingivitis when they first arise. For those with dental fears, our Humble, TX office utilizes numerous sedation options to address your nerves. This way, you can have your checkups and professional cleanings with ease.

Quit your tobacco dependence.
Individuals who consume tobacco products (including dipping, smoking, or e-cigarettes) are more likely to develop gum disease and various cancers. Tobacco consumption worsens your immune system, which makes it less easy for your body to battle off harmful germs and recover afterward.


Proper dental intervention is critical for the battle against periodontal disease. Find a dental care provider you trust, and be sure to check in at their office twice a year for follow-ups and professional cleanings. At Park Lakes Dental Care, we are skilled at preventing, diagnosing, and eliminating periodontal disease and numerous other oral wellness disorders. Get in touch with our facility today to schedule a session and take off on your path toward excellent oral health.

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